Milana Bukanova


In 2013 graduated from Bishkek College of Choreography named after Ch. Bazarbayev, she was accepted to the Theatre “Astana Ballet” in the same year.


Tuman – fairy, patroness of wanderers (one-act ballet “Alem” to the music of A. Amar and B. Gafarov, choreography by N. Dmitriyevsky).

Fiancee (one-act ballet “Zhusan” to the music of K. Shildebayev, S. Rakhmaninov, A. Pärt, K. Jenkins, choreography by M. Avakhri).

Air (one-act ballet «Gaia» to the music of H. Tavares and I. Albenis, choreography by R. Amarante).

Variation “Apple of My Eye” (one-act ballet “Language of Love” to the music of R. Salavatov, K. Jenkins and Kh. Shangaliyev, choreography by M. Avakhri).

Winter (one-act ballet “Mists of Time” to the music of M. Richter, Douweia and Kashiwa Daisuke, choreography by Yixian Chang).

Choreographic miniatures: “Revery of Kyz Zhibek” (music by E. Brusilovsky, choreography by M. Avakhri), “The Beauties” (musical compilation of the ethno-folk group “Turan”, choreography by A. Tati), “Kazakh Waltz” (music by L. Khamidi – R. Salavatov, choreography by G. Tutkibayeva), “Seven Beauties” (music by K. Karayev, choreography by G. Tutkibayeva), “Tango” (music by A. Piazzolla, choreography by D. Avdysh), “The Touch” (musical composition on Japanese melodies, choreography by M. Avakhri), “Dance of Almeh” (music by N. Rimsky-Korsakov, choreography by N. Kalinina).

Kazakh folk dances and dances of people of the world.