Ayaulym Makumova  



In 2012 graduated from Almaty Choreographic College named after A. Seleznev. Recipient of the prize of International Contest of Choreographic Education Institutions “Orleu”. Ayaulym has worked in the Theatre “Astana Ballet” since 2013.



Ak Yene – Goddess-Primogenitrix(one-act ballet “Alem” to the music of A. Amar and B. Gafarov, choreography by N. Dmitriyevsky).

Lachesis(one-act ballet “Cleopatra” to the music of M. Ravel, choreography by N. Markelov).


Choreographic miniatures: “Revery of Kyz Zhibek” (music by E. Brusilovsky, choreography by M. Avakhri), “The Beauties” (musical compilation of the ethno-folk group “Turan”, choreography by A. Tati), “Russian Dance” (music by P. Tchaikovsky, choreography by A. Pavlova), “Night” (music by A. Rubinstein, choreography by A. Pavlova), “Seven Beauties” (music by K. Karayev, choreography by G. Tutkibayeva), “Eclipse” (music by R. Strauss, choreography by M. Avakhri).


Kazakh folk dances and dances of people of the world.