Aisha Mambetaliyeva

Ballet dancer

In 2015 graduated from Almaty Choreographic College named after A. Seleznev. In 2014-2015 she worked in the State Academic Theatre of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She has been working in the Theatre “Astana Ballet” since 2015.



Autumn (one-act ballet “Mists of Time” to the music of M. Richter, Douweia and Kashiwa Daisuke, choreography by Yixian Chang).


Choreographic miniatures: “The Beauties” (musical compilation of the ethno-folk group “Turan”, choreography by A. Tati), “Asem Konyr” (music by D. Nurpeissova, choreography by A. Tati).


Kazakh folk dances and dances of people of the world.