One act ballet  to music by Hekel Tavares and Isaac Albeniz

Premiere was held on the 11th of February 2016

Aneoclassical-style production, which immerse the audience in the complicated but exciting world of the elements. Gaiais a vivid and touching story of Planet Earth, narrated by the language of contemporary choreog – raphy. Gaia is the personification of Earth, composed of four elements: water, earth, fire and air. However, there is one more element without which the life on Earth would have been impossible – the forest. Each of the five elements is essential to sustain life on the planet. Brought together, they form Gaia, a loving, powerful, gentle and caring goddess of Earth.

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The Earth – Riza Kanatkyzy, Balzhan Nurpeissova, Angsagan Kobentay

The Water – Anar Dukieva, Nazerke Ahmet, Nargiz Iskakova, Aidana Kalmukhanbet, Alia Aitbaeva

The Air – Aliya Aitbayeva, Milana Bukanova, Zere Ismailova, Ayano Takahashi

The Fire – Diana Batyrova, Zhibek Meshitbay, Togzhan Duysengalieva, Azhar Ergeshova

The Forest – Darina Kayrasheva, Yevgenia Verkhova, Aisha Mambetaliyeva, Tatiana Ten




Choreographer, Costume Designer and Lighting Desiner: Ricardo Amarante