Concert programs

Astana Ballet GALA, Eastern Rhapsody

“Astana Ballet GALA” is a program focused on modern Kazakhstani ballet art, where dance tendencies and trends of today are reflected. Generally, the Program is a symbiosis of ambitious ideas of Kazakhstani, Russian and American choreographers.


“Astana Ballet GALA” Program includes original miniatures: “Scyphian Frescos” and “Kyz Zhibek Dreams”, “Martinets” and “Almehs’ Dance”, as well as bright, recognizable scenes from   performances. Being acquainted with extracts from “Zhusan” and “Alem” ballets, a spectator can feel the timeless breath of the Great Steppe. “Astana Ballet GALA” is a gift for lovers of the ballet, the fans of always young and sophisticated art.



The “Eastern Rhapsody” program includes choreographic miniatures telling tales about an Eastern country. They are set to folk tunes and modern versions of such songs, as well as classical and contemporary Eastern works. This program is largely associated with the art of countries of the Silk Road, and it has a consistent folklore theme.