Walpurgis night and Diversity

Walpurgis night


The one-act ballet on Charles Gounod’s music

The producing choreographer, the artist all over the world – Georgy Kovtun

The artist-set designer – Irina Dolgova

The costume designer  – Irina Safronova

Video installation – Dmitry Shamov

The teacher-tutor – Evgenia Kostylyova



Initially “Walpurgis night” is a ballet scene which Charles Gounod added for the second edition of the opera of Faust created based on the tragedy of Johann Wolfgang Goethe of the same name. It is unusually bright on musical language, a racy choreographic picture. The episode was shown on the stage of the Parisian opera in 1869 for the first time and since then found independent life as the one-act ballet.

“Walpurgis night” on the stage of Theatre «Astana Ballet»– new reading of the popular ballet directed by Georgy Kovtun based on traditions of the classical Russian ballet. In it myths and legends of Ancient Greece come to life.

With awakening of the nature the earth comes to life. The goddess Demetra personifying agriculture and patronizing grain ears organizes a celebration in honor of god of winemaking Dionysus. This feast of the dances singing of the love sparkling a side of rough passion, flickering chaste love languor. All serenely frolic, without knowing terrestrial grieves. From magic awakening of the nature of all takes a prompt stream of uncontrollable dancing.




The one-act ballet 

The producing choreographer: Ricardo Amarante


From the beginning of it’s time ballet has enchanted the world and touched many hearts. As the world itself we’ve been through a massive evolution in all kinds of arts, lifestyle, thoughts, ways of working and living. For many years the evolution has caused a big visual, musical and physical change in our way of dance. Artists have come from all over the world, different cultures, different eras making our world a much more interesting place to exist and live. Diversity takes you through a big journey of the ballet world. Many composers and costumes from different times showing how evolution has happened however still remains pure and romantic but can also be stylish, powerful, neo classic, modern and contemporary like the world of today full of Diversity.