“Language of love” and “Mists of time” premiere

The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has visited the premiere of new productions of “Astana Ballet” theatre held in the framework of events dedicated to the Capital Day.


Two one act ballets “Mists of Time” and “Language of Love” presented on the stage of Astana Opera theatre can be called a hymn to beauty and perfection.  They are absolutely different for plastique, production design, subject, but they are combined by a common sense – delight.  Admiration for woman is in one production, and delight of deep and wise poetry in another.


The author of “Mists of Time” is a choreographer from China Isian Zhang. He passed along admiration for women within the ancient Chinese philosophy context, according to which the female nature equals “Yin” element and associated with two seasons – autumn and winter. Probably, it is not easy for him to solve by what he is amazed the most in woman: external beauty or mental strength, ability to persist in challenging situations. However, the first part of the ballet – “Autumn” was concise and not so long as the second part “Winter”. Apparently, women’s ability to overcome difficulties, to be strong in difficult circumstances was the impetus for creation of the ballet.


One act ballet “Language of love” dedicated to the poetry of Abay Kunanbayev, found a special response in the hearts of audience. Bright and emotional it incorporated many techniques, choreography findings that its author, the theatre director of the “Astana Ballet” Mukaram Avahri used to show her admiration for the poetry of the classic of Kazakh literature.


The production includes eight compositions: “Enlightenment”, “Segiz ayak” (“Сегіз аяқ”), “The Seasons”, “Kozimnyn Karasy” (“Көзімнің қарасы”), “Toi bastar” (“Той бастар”), “Tatiana’s Letter”, “Poet’s Entreaty”, “Zhelsiz tunde…” (Желсіз түнде…”). This is not a biographic ballet, but poetry based in it, tells about the poet’s life.  The creator’s way of life can be seen in these eight variations: the coming into the world and consciousness of divine gift, relation to native land that gives power, tender feelings for a woman, the delight of the holiday and pursuit of native soul, perception of loneliness and understanding of infinity and boundlessness of love. The music of contemporary composers is used in the ballet: R.Salavatov, K. Jenkins, H.Shangaliyev, as well as melody of songs of Abay.  The refrain of the “Language of Love” ballet was the music of one of the best known and loved by people song of Abay “Kozimnin Karasy” (“Көзімнің қарасы”).  Both productions in spite of their difference, absorb from the first movement. Mukaram Avahri and Isian Zhang used different, dynamic and expressive choreographic vocabulary, experimented and created. The performance makes such a deep impression that remains in memory and cause a desire to see the ballet repeatedly.


Author: Yevgeniya Myagkova

According to the “Kazakhstan truth” newspaper