Tour in Almaty

Abay Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre hosted performances of “Astana Ballet” theatre with a great success.


Three days – three performances. Every night the audience saw new productions. The team realized that it is very responsible and exciting to dance on the legendary scene of one of the oldest theatre in the country.


– This tour is very important for us, – emphasized Valeriy Kuzembayev, theatre director and honored public figure of Kazakhstan. – Two years ago was the first tour of the theatre in Almaty. We introduced our new team that time, now we came to show interesting and diverse repertoire. It is not only a great honor for us to perform before Almaty audience, it is a kind of progress report.


“Astana Ballet” prepared carefully for the tour. We wanted to present all best and herewith accommodate the interests and tastes of the public, scenic conventions, because we know that in Almaty they were formed more than for one decade. It was a matter of honor to prove ourselves from best side, because teachers, colleagues and friends of choreographers, repetiteurs, theatre artists work in Almaty.


“GAIA”, “Carmen”, “Alem” performances and their fragments, as well as “Astana Ballet Gala” concert program reflected aesthetic pursuit, individuality of the theatre. Colorful ballets, diverse and spectacular concert program surprised people, who saw performances of many famous teams.


– Our objective was to show the whole team, young stars, and of course, our wonderful repertoire. I think that the audience and critics all appreciated, – said the chief choreographer of “Astana Ballet” theatre, Honored Public Figure of Kazakhstan Aigul Tati.


The first performance already encouraged everybody. Well done! “Bravo!” shouts and big round of applause, flowers, which the public generously presented to artists and colleagues and friends rushed on the scene after the performance gave the reason to think the job was done well. Every here and there people shouted “Didn’t expect”, “Well done”, “Very interesting works”, “Oh, how the girls have grown up!..”


Special style, catchy plastique, unique choreography captivated the audience. “I wonder how the energized the public. What a virtuosity and plastique!” – noted one of the spectators after the performance.


Skills of the performers, producing, professional competence of technical staff, gorgeous and spectacular costumes, holiday atmosphere in the auditorium became essential elements of success that accompanied the tour performances of “Astana Ballet” theater in Almaty.

Author: Yevgeniya Myagkova

Accoding to “Казахстанская Правда”