The one-act ballet Zhusan and “Arnau” concert program



One-act ballet to music by K. Shildebayev, Rachmaninov, A. Pärt, K. Jenkins

Premiere was held on the 10th of December 2014


The ballet Zhusan, created by the young Kazakhstani choreographer Mukaram Avakhri reveals the secrets of the Great Steppe to the audience. The image of wormwood, which is called ‘zhusan’ in Kazakh, permeates the whole performance. Worm – wood has a bitter taste, but the bitterness of its sadness overcomes the fragrance that is dear to us as the eternal image of the Motherland. The basis of the performance is the legends and myths of the steppe people, the allegorical image of whomis embodied in dance. The special colour and mysticism give the ballet a combination of original choreography with the great pieces of European, Russian and national music, lighting effects and video installations, which helpaudiences to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a real journey around the vast steppe, en – veloped in legends and myths.



The purity and delicacy of the maiden heart, whimsically combined with a willingness to fight for kindness and love, is a cross, – thorough theme of the “Arnau” national dance evening.

You will see unique images, wonderful musical accompaniment and amazing grace of our artists. Choreographic miniatures included in the program of the evening were appreciated by foreign audience, and now we are happy to present them to the people of Kazakhstan.

The gentle heart of the girl dangles her into the world of dreams. On the wings of dreams, the gentle half of humanity rushes, sowing good and cleanliness around itself. The future of the nation lies on the shoulders of the “weak” half, these gentle creatures.

Choreographic miniatures and excerpts from the performances included in the program of the “Arnau” dance evening will tell us about diverse in plastic language, bright and emotionally rich national traditions. Each of the numbers is characterized by wonderful music, unique artistic images, the originality of the plastic language and a tender attitude towards tradition. The modern national ballet can be judged by the program “Arnau” – as a dynamically developing and unique kind of art.