Soloists of “Astana Ballet” Theatre passed into the second round of the Competition!

The second round of the III International Competition of Ballet Dancers organized by the “Fund for Development and Support of Ballet and National Dance” private fund took place on September 12 in Astana.


Participants showed their skills in the field of classical dance in the first round. 21 participants out of 29 passed into the second round of the Competition by the decision of the judges. Soloists of “Astana Ballet” Theatre were among them: Riza Kanatkyzy (number 7), Diana Batyrova (number 15) and Balzhan Nurpeisova (number 22).

Riza Kanatkyzy:


Diana Batyrova:


Balzhan Nurpeisova:


Congratulations to our wonderful artists and wholeheartedly wish them further success!