Premiere of “Language of Love” and “Mists of Time” ballets


“Astana Ballet” theatre will present the premieres of two one-act ballets “Mists of Time” and “Language of Love” on July 2. First shows of new productions will be on the scene of “Astana Opera”.


New works of the team are created in a modern plastique style; examples of timely ballet forms and topical styles. Production of modern Chinese choreographer Ishiang Zhang “Mists of Time” is devoted to women and tells about them. Choreographer decided to tell about a woman’s nature by using choreography language. Artists will tell by using plastique means that a woman is self-sufficient and spiritual, strong and beautiful by her nature. No difficulties and obstacles in life journey can not prevent a woman to give the world warmth and confidence in the future, because she can still has spiritual purity and integrity in our difficult times. His first full-scale work Ishiang Zhang devoted to the most loved women, his mother and sister, who played a special role in his formation as a person and as a dancer.


One act ballet “Mists of Time” put to music by contemporary composers: Max Richter, Douwei and Daisuke Kashiwa. The basis of the idea of this production is the concept of Yin-Yang, which is deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy. Two opposing substances “Yang” and “Yin” are one and indivisible, not able to exist without each other and constantly interacting. Balance and harmony of these opposites is the purpose of human existence. Originally, in Chinese philosophy “Yin” meant the “north, shady side of the mountain” and “Yang” was “southern, sunny slope”. Later “Yin” was perceived as “negative, cold, dark, feminine associated with autumn and winter” and “Yang” as “positive, bright, warm, masculine associated with spring and summer”. Nevertheless, “Yin” and “Yang” complement each other and black can not exist without white, and vice versa, and “Yang” certainly presents in every “Yin”.


The basis of Ishiang Zhang’s ballet language is natural plastique, which allows to perform complex movements. The choreographer has used the movements and elements of popular Chinese wushu and Tai Chi gymnastics.


The ballet “Mists of Time” is devoted to a woman – strong, proud and graceful. No misfortune can not break her spirit and force to turn back. Zhang Ishiang dedicated his work to beloved mother and sister.




“Language of Love” is the first ballet dedicated to poetry of Abay Kunanbayev. The poetry and music will appear in ballet images in this work of Mukaram Avahi, Kazakh choreographer. Poetic lines will merge with melodies of Abay’s soulful songs and with language of choreography. This performance is a love confession to


Abay’s creation filled with deep feelings and tenderness, sadness and admiration. As folk wisdom is reflected in the poems and songs of the great Kazakh poet, so the admiration and love for the heritage of the Poet is reflected in graceful movements of artists.


The language of poetry and plastique language are related phenomena, because they can give vivid emotions and impressions, as well as to create a special mood. New work of Mukaram Avahri is characterized by its simplicity and elegance of artistic techniques, while freedom of movement variations and combinations gives dance special expressiveness.


The production of “Language of Love” includes 7 fragments: “Yapuray”, “The Seasons”, “Tatiana's Letter”, “Aksisa”, “Kozimnin karasy”, “Monologue of Azhar”, “Zhelsіz tunde…”. In the ballet music used Abay songs and music by Karl Jenkins (United Kingdom).