Date: 23-24 June

Music – Adolphe Adan

Choreography – Ricardo Amarante (Brazil)

Costumes, scenography – Rene Salazar (Brazil)

The Theater “Astana Ballet” presents the ballet “Giselle” staged by the Brazilian choreographer Ricardo Amarante. The two-act performance was created on the basis of the old poetic legend about the willis, written by Heinrich Heine. Willis were the dead young unmarried girls, betrayed by their beloved. One of them became the peasant girl Giselle too. When her clear and bright world was destroyed, the girl could not stand the humiliation, the inevitability of losing her beloved and died.

At night, leaving the graves, willis take revenge for their ruined life. They lead to dance and bring to death a man they meet. But Giselle’s love for Count Albert was stronger than evil. She forgave and saved the count who deceived her. Albert continues to live, but an eternal regret of lost love takes up in his heart.

In this production of the Theater “Astana Ballet” a new verges of the ancient ballet opens. The spirituality and poetry of this performance-legend, that undeniably became the top of romanticism, remain unchanged.