“Awakening of Spring”

“Awakening of Spring”


Concerts, devoted to the International Women’s Day, will be held at the Theater “Astana Ballet” on March 8 and 9. This first spring holiday unites in itself all beauty, which personifies the character of the Woman: glory and love, kindness and sincerity, delicacy and gratitude.


Classical, neoclassical and national numbers will be presented in the choreography of domestic and foreign balletmasters in the varied program of the evening. All of them are united by one easy poetic mood.

There will be also the one-act ballet A fuego lento , choreography by Ricardo Amarante.

To music by Lalo Schifrin, Astor Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel, Stefan  Wirth and Sayo Kosugi



Those first feelings of anxiety and emotion when you are a  discovering love, the body and desire that slowly burns inside. For each of us, the world is concentrated in loved one and the meaning of life is love.