About the Theatre

Dear friends,


First of all I would like to introduce you to the Theater Astana Ballet, one of the leading choreographic team in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Theater was founded in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, which fully matches home town as both are young, beautiful and full of energy. Formally Theater was founded in September 2012, while presentation and first performance was held on July 1, 2013; therefore, this date may be regarded as Theater’s birth day.


Establishment of the Theater Astana Ballet has reason behind it. There was a need in new concepts to demonstrate modern Kazakhstani choreography. The Theater had to solve challenging tasks with respect to ballet development and creation of national performance distinguishing by its brave ideas and new forms. Today Astana Ballet is some kind of a creative laboratory, or searching theater, where search concerns not only plastic expression. New findings of ballet masters, choreographers, and scene designers may be seen in each performance.


Theater team is unique, there are only girls dancing.  Is this a feature? Yes. Does it make challenging repertoire formation? Certainly. Classical ballet performance without male roles is impossible.   But if such performance appears, you can watch it played only by this Theater. As you can see Astana Ballet has a unique repertoire.   Up to date five ballets in one act and three full concerts programs have been staged. Each premiere becomes an outstanding event in cultural life of Kazakhstan. Theater constantly goes on tours both within country and abroad.  It gave performance twice within the Stars of White Nights International Festival in Saint Petersburg. Theater was invited this year too. Performances will be held in July at historical stage of the Mariinsky Theater.


Well known choreographers create performance specially for Astana Ballet Theater: Alila Alisheva, Aigul Tati, Gulzhan Tutkibayeva, Mukaram Avahri (Kazakhstan); Altynai Assulmuratova, Nikita Dmitriyevcky, Nicolay Markelov, Nadezhda Kalinina (Russia), Paul Gordon Emerson, (USA), and Ricardo Amarante (Belgium). Cooperation with ballet masters and instructors from various countries allows ballet dancers to obtain tools of modern chorography that is why every theater-goer in any country can understand the team’s language. In other words, Theater ballet dancers are polyglots in choreography.  They are interested in both neo-classic style, modern and contemporary dance, and ballet classics. They dance excellent both wearing ballet shoes and skirts and national costume having regular shoes on.