About the Theatre

“Astana Ballet” Theatre was founded in 2012 upon an initiative of the Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbayev. The basis of the ballet group was the graduates of Almaty Choreographic School named after A. Seleznev. For the whole year they prepared for their first performance, learned the repertoire, worked with   domestic and foreign experts.


The result of this painstaking work was not long to coming: the first performance of “Astana Ballet” » in July 2013 brought to the theatre recognition and a storm of applause. Today, the ballet group have thousands of admirers not only in Kazakhstan, but also far beyond its borders.


A distinctive feature of the theatre is a unique multi-genre repertoire, which is continuously replenished by masterpieces of world’s and domestic classics and original choreographic production. Aigul Tati, Mukaram Avakhri, Gulzhan Tutkibayeva (Kazakhstan), Altynay Assylmuratova, Nikolay Markelov, Nikita Dmitriyevsky (Russia), Ricardo Amarante (Belgium), Paul Gordon Emerson (USA), Patrick De Lacroix,  Nanet Glushak (France) cooperated  “Astana Ballet” in different time.


Today “Astana Ballet” Theatre takes one of the leading places among the ballet groups of Kazakhstan. It is in an ongoing creative search, experiments, looks for new images, presentation and stylistics of performance and pleases the audience with new performances and concerts with an enviable constancy.